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animation soup

we are collaborated with Animation Soup .
This Event Punktum has a lot of Japanese short films provided by Animation soup.

Animation Soup (in Japanese)

In 2001 established the group to present animations made in various different ways.

The Animation Soup have presented many entertaining animations in such original ways as to interest people of all ages and vocations.For example,we have presented animation in collaboration with an orchestra,which was highly appreciated. The youngest person who presented his animation in our project was an elementary school child.

They consists of all kinds of people with wide different talents and offers the deep taste with a full body of Japanese animations.

Japanese animation is highly popular in the world. The majority of animation that broadcasted is mostly for children.Recently in japan,a new genre Art Animation created by young animators is becoming popular.Mainly the animation is created by hand-draw,cut-out(paper),clay puppet and sand. The creator's techniques are demonstrated by their works.


2006 Apr. "NIPPON CONNECTION" Frankfurt,Germany
        Apr. "NIPPON CONNECTION on Tour" Leipzig,Germany
        Jul. "Animation Soup vol.5" Osaka,Japan

2005 Aug. "Short Short Film Festival Osaka" Osaka,Japan
        Oct.  "Animation Soup vol.4" Onomichi,Japan

2004 Apr. "NIPPON CONNECTION" Frankfurt,Germany
        May "Barcelona,Asia Film Festival" Barcelona,Spain
        Oct. "Animation Soup in Korea" Soul,Korea
        Dec. "Nippon Koma" Lisbon,Portugal

2003 Mar. "Animation Soup in OMS" Osaka,Japan
        May "Wilson Brothers" Osaka,Japan
        Jul.  "Animation Soup in Fukui" Fukui,Japan
       Aug. "Wilson Brothers + Soup" Osaka,Japan
       Oct.  "Animation Soup in the sky" Osaka,Japan

2002 Oct. "Animation Soup vol.2 in HEP" Osaka,Japan

2001 Jun. "Animation Soup vol.1" Osaka,Japan

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