Montag, 29. Juli 2013

Program 2 (europa)

Program 2 

[A gift for Potipoti and The Lovers Rock Shoothing team...](0'55"2010)
Machines Désirantes Buró

[Who flies high,falls low](1'17"/stop motion/2009)
Bojana Petkovic
Short story about a boy who wanted to take the star out of the sky.

[MOON PULLS](2'39"/stop motion,crayon/2009)
Christina Gransow
A music video for the song Moon Pulls by the icelandic band múm

Tommaso Caverni 

[menstrual dream](1'08"/2D animation/2009)
Bojana Petkovic

[Funeral Joe](2'10"/2013)
Jul Gordon (, 
Marie Hamm (, 
Kathrin Klingner (, 
Martina Lenzin (

A music video of HONEY HEADS.

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