Sonntag, 15. November 2015

Punktum 3 ---- some films are already waiting ②

Here is more Tanuki films.

Naoko Kitami "unforgettable"

Masaharu Hasegawa "Rotated Violently Ponta"

Mikiko Takahashi "TANUREN"

Naomi NagataA leaf have been there"

GAYA GAYA ASAGAYA’s "Ju-goya OTANUKI〜Tanuki and harvest moon〜"

Sonntag, 8. November 2015

Save the days for Punktum 3

We are happy to announce that our pleasure 3rd edition of Punktum event will be 2 days
on 28th and 29th November 2015.

28th November  8pm --- Pre screening 「short bar Punktum」in Bar LaBettolab.
・Short program film screening
・Short concert with ZweiundZwanzigZwillinge + Cristina Lelli
ZweiundZwanzigZwillinge is a double voiced punk rock with glasses, will perform very first live  
concert with Cristina Lelli, light artist, animated overhead projection.
・Short drink Japanese Sake serving
  japanese hot sake, special sake cocktails, special shochu cocktails....

Place:    LaBettolab
south italian tapas bar

29th November --- Full program Punktum3 Main screening in Sputonik Kino.
It will be 13 japanese short animation and 7 european international short films,
program will be announced soon.... keep checking our website^_^

Place:    Sputnik Kino

Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

Punktum 3 ---- some films are already waiting ①

Do you know "Tanuki" ?

Tanuki is not just a badger or a raccoon, it is a special animal has been significant in japanese folk tales since ancient times. legendary Tanuki is reputed to be mischievous and a master of disguise, and there 
is a word in japanese "Tanuki Soba" meansbuckwheat noodle soup with tempra batter on top.
anyway, this time most of japanese films are relating to Tanuki.
Get ready for the 3rd edition Punktum!! 

Bunpei Kitahara "Tanuki Bayashi"

Mariin Ue "Sho-jo-ji"

Takanori Akagi "a shadow"


Kaoru Hino(animation) , Kyoko yamato(animation) , FT=man(sound), SchnickSchnack(music)
"Tanuki walk and walk"

Misaki Taguchi "Mischief of the racoon dog"

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Punktum2 program in Moviemento Kino

Part 3, Japanese films

---Show Kondo  "Slide!Slide!!" 2'30" puppetoon 2014
one afternoon, penguins are sliding out!

---Naomi Nagata  "The asian pear boy"  sand  2012

---FT=man  "MAKOOT THE MOVIES #08  Escapism" puppetoon 2012
i would like to go away, travel around. reality doesn't allow it sometimes....
my movie will do it for me.

---Chisato Asano  "I don’t have"  cutout paper  2012

---Inunco Dougasha "Neko to Kamome to Saka no Roba" handdraw 2011

---Eri Yoshimura "Blowing wind pushes me and drifts me to sea" shadow picture 2012

---Yuya Suzuki "out of the music" 2013

---TOCHKA "TRACK" pixilation  2013

---Atsushi Wada "In a Pig's Eye" hand draw   2010
A huge pig is lying down in front of a house. The family lives in the house consists of the father, 
the mother, the grandfather, six children and the dog.
Everyone knows about the huge pig, and the pig notices about the family. 
But each of them doesn't understand how the other understands...(extract of the synopsis)

Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Punktum2 program in Moviemento Kino

part 2, European films

---Susanna jerger (zyklopik) "Gern am konsi Bern" 1'43" clay puppetoon 2014
This film is made for the Music School Konservatorium Bern, Switzerland.

---Stefan Vogt (loudfilm) "gott kommt" 2'15" hand draw 2014
A film about the relationship between a priest and his community- told in two parts

---Bruce Moerdjiman/Marianne Lock "Mary's 25th" 1'01" stop motion 2013

---Adam Goodwin "a collection of very short cartoons" 2'19" hand draw 2014

---Irmgard Walthert "ströslbrösl" 1'00" pixilation, hand draw 2007

---Pascale Guillon "Belleville" 5'27" CG, collage 2009
An old whippet hound limps across a cemetary, a washer-woman with a peacock head drags along piles of dirty laundry and a staunchly religious sheep praying to Jesus suddenly starts praying to the picture of a narcist. Belleville is about particularly strange people meeting, within and especially outside of their specific contexts.

---Stefan Vogt (loudfilm) "loudfilms" 0'58" 2010
'the rabbit. i want to'

---Evelien Lohbeck "candle" 1'11" 2008
candle is a one of her Notebook series.

Montag, 10. November 2014

Punktum2 program in Moviemento Kino

finaly the program in Moviemento Kino has been released.

part 1, Japanese films

--- Ikuo Kato "WATER IN THE CUP" 3'40" hand draw

The cup is broken, everything is mixed up then in a stream.

--- Kyoko Yamato "MAKOOT THE MOVIES #02  Cleaning" 0'22" puppetoon 2012
mopping with Tori-kun(chicken) Yeah!

--- Inunco Dougasha "A Train Ride" 6'48" 2007

over time and space, what the middle age man has seen...

--- Masaharu Hasegawa "He was There" 2'00" 2014

moved things that usually are around you, then made them appear everywhere.

--- Mariin Ue "Octopus" 0'55" handdraw

It happend one night.

--- K.Kotani "Paper Landscape The Great Banquet"  4'30"  cutout paper 2008

--- Atsushi Wada ”anomalies” 3'00 hand draw 2013

This year (2013) is the 80th anniversary of the first photograph believed to
have captured the Loch Ness Monster. This film whose theme is Secret Monsters
was committed by Animate projects and Channel 4 in England.
By the way, the Loch Ness Monster is not in this film.