Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Punktum2 program in Moviemento Kino

Part 3, Japanese films

---Show Kondo  "Slide!Slide!!" 2'30" puppetoon 2014
one afternoon, penguins are sliding out!

---Naomi Nagata  "The asian pear boy"  sand  2012

---FT=man  "MAKOOT THE MOVIES #08  Escapism" puppetoon 2012
i would like to go away, travel around. reality doesn't allow it sometimes....
my movie will do it for me.

---Chisato Asano  "I don’t have"  cutout paper  2012

---Inunco Dougasha "Neko to Kamome to Saka no Roba" handdraw 2011

---Eri Yoshimura "Blowing wind pushes me and drifts me to sea" shadow picture 2012

---Yuya Suzuki "out of the music" 2013

---TOCHKA "TRACK" pixilation  2013

---Atsushi Wada "In a Pig's Eye" hand draw   2010
A huge pig is lying down in front of a house. The family lives in the house consists of the father, 
the mother, the grandfather, six children and the dog.
Everyone knows about the huge pig, and the pig notices about the family. 
But each of them doesn't understand how the other understands...(extract of the synopsis)

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