Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Punktum2 program in Moviemento Kino

part 2, European films

---Susanna jerger (zyklopik) "Gern am konsi Bern" 1'43" clay puppetoon 2014
This film is made for the Music School Konservatorium Bern, Switzerland.

---Stefan Vogt (loudfilm) "gott kommt" 2'15" hand draw 2014
A film about the relationship between a priest and his community- told in two parts

---Bruce Moerdjiman/Marianne Lock "Mary's 25th" 1'01" stop motion 2013

---Adam Goodwin "a collection of very short cartoons" 2'19" hand draw 2014

---Irmgard Walthert "ströslbrösl" 1'00" pixilation, hand draw 2007

---Pascale Guillon "Belleville" 5'27" CG, collage 2009
An old whippet hound limps across a cemetary, a washer-woman with a peacock head drags along piles of dirty laundry and a staunchly religious sheep praying to Jesus suddenly starts praying to the picture of a narcist. Belleville is about particularly strange people meeting, within and especially outside of their specific contexts.

---Stefan Vogt (loudfilm) "loudfilms" 0'58" 2010
'the rabbit. i want to have...it'

---Evelien Lohbeck "candle" 1'11" 2008
candle is a one of her Notebook series.

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