Montag, 10. November 2014

Punktum2 program in Moviemento Kino

finaly the program in Moviemento Kino has been released.

part 1, Japanese films

--- Ikuo Kato "WATER IN THE CUP" 3'40" hand draw

The cup is broken, everything is mixed up then in a stream.

--- Kyoko Yamato "MAKOOT THE MOVIES #02  Cleaning" 0'22" puppetoon 2012
mopping with Tori-kun(chicken) Yeah!

--- Inunco Dougasha "A Train Ride" 6'48" 2007

over time and space, what the middle age man has seen...

--- Masaharu Hasegawa "He was There" 2'00" 2014

moved things that usually are around you, then made them appear everywhere.

--- Mariin Ue "Octopus" 0'55" handdraw

It happend one night.

--- K.Kotani "Paper Landscape The Great Banquet"  4'30"  cutout paper 2008

--- Atsushi Wada ”anomalies” 3'00 hand draw 2013

This year (2013) is the 80th anniversary of the first photograph believed to
have captured the Loch Ness Monster. This film whose theme is Secret Monsters
was committed by Animate projects and Channel 4 in England.
By the way, the Loch Ness Monster is not in this film.


  1. Hello! These animations were wonderful. I was wondering, was the song for "A Train Ride" made for the film, or from another artist? And is the film "A Train Ride" available to view anywhere online? Thank you.

  2. hallo pelks, thank you for message!
    the film "a train ride" made for the Song. like a music video. the artist called "Ett".
    there is no film online...but you can see another film from Inunco dougasha on youtube.( some trailer or so).